PCB & Electronic Assembly Facility

Modern High Quality PCB Manufacturing

DCA Manufacturing is a fully modern facility focused on building PCB and electronic assemblies at IPC-610E Class 3 levels. We offer selective solder, through hole soldering, surface mount pick & place soldering technology, automated optical inspection, X-Ray inspection, functional testing, box builds, laser etched labels, reeling services and everything you need for your next PCB manufacturing project.

Solder Paste Print

Ekra X4 & X5 Stencil Printers

Ekra X5 Stencil Printer

The X5 has been specially developed as an in-line printer for high-speed production. The printer offers tested technology with the basic concept of fixed stencils and a high-precision camera system, EVA. Cycle times are dramatically reduced by the transportation system, plus buffers at the input and output to balance fluctuations in the process caused by cleaning or paste replenishment.  > Full Technical Specs


MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer

My 500 Jet Printer

Jet printing is a lean technology as it is completely software driven and contact-free. A new job is programmed offline and sent to the machine. With jet printing, DCA Manufacturing can take a customer’s order in the morning and deliver finished boards the same day.  Full Technical Specs

SMT Pick & Place


MY9EWe have two MYDATA MY9E inline with ability to synergize between the two lines to balance production. The MY9E is loaded with two pick and place heads, the Midas single mounthead, and the Hydra ER multi mounthead.  The Midas head has a rated speed of 6,100 CPH, and has a broader component range (01005 chips, SOIC, PLCC, TSOP, QFP, BGA, flip chip, odd-shape, surface-mount connectors, through-hole components, CSP, CCGA, DPack, Alcap, Tantalum).  The Hydra multi head is much faster with a rated speed of 21,000 CPH, but has a more limited component range (0201 chips, SO24, SOT223, SOJ20, PLCC32, MELF, SOD).   Full Technical Specs



The MYDATA MY12 is the ideal all-around placement machine. With its high accuracy and 144 feeders, the machine performs both high-speed mounting with the HYDRA Speedmount at 21,000 CPH and fine-pitch placement at 6,100 CPH with the Linescan Vision System (LVS). The machine can place any type of component ranging from QFP to chip scale BGA and CSP.  Full Technical Specs

Other Equipment

SMT Reflow (Qty 2) Heller 1809MKIII
Selective Solder (Qty 2) Pillarhouse Orissa Synchrodex 460
Cleaning EMC Model 6001 Cyberclean
Cleaning Branson Degreaser B950R
Component Prep Komax-33 / EPT Press / Pemserter Press / Hepco / GPD
PCB Depanel Cab Hektor 2 / Cab Maestro
X-Ray Inspection FOCALSPOT FSX-090
Automated Optical Inspection Mirtec MV-2HTL / Mirtec MV-7 2D/3D
In-Circuit Test Teredyne 1880
Ionic Contamination Testing Foresite C3
Oven Non-Reflow Despatch LAC Series Oven
Nitrogen Generator O2N2 Onsite Gas System
Conformal Coating PVA Selective Conformal Coat / Conformal Coat Spray Booth
Component Reeling V-Tek TM-50 Manual Taping Machine
Laser Marking / Etching Keyence CO2 Automatic Laser Marking System, ML-G9311F