DCA Manufacturing Solder Paste PCB Jet Printer

MY500 Solder Paste Jet Printer

DCA Manufacturing, a PCB assembly manufacturer serving Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, has installed a MYDATA MY500 Solder Paste Jet Printer.

This jet printer offers a new technology whereby the solder paste is loaded in a cartridge and applied by jetting the solder paste onto the printed circuit board. This process allows DCA Manufacturing to quickly setup and print solder paste without stencils, thereby shortening turn times on new assemblies.

The MY500 can be used on rigid PCBs, and also when the boards are fixtured can also be used on flexible PCBs.

One of the fantastic parts of the MY500 is the level of traceability it offers. When solder paste is changed, there is no commingling of solder paste, and every lot of paste is inspected for expiration date and that it is the proper use for the assembly.

Already, DCA Manufacturing’s PCB assembly customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are seeing faster turns and more traceability in their assemblies by moving to the MY500 jet printer.

The system has many other great benefits, including:

  • On-board paste inspection
  • Can reprint insufficient paste areas
  • Faster turns and no stencils
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Offline programming

For DCA Manufacturing customers looking for faster response times and more affordable PCB assembly services, the solder paste jet printer may be great fit.