Aerospace & Avionics Electronic Manufacturing

Aerospace ElectronicsReliability & Traceability for Aerospace Electronics

DCA Manufacturing is a tier 3 supplier to the aerospace industry, providing electronics and testing systems that are part of larger avionics and electronic systems in the aerospace industry. Our PCB assembly services assure high quality, traceability & trackability.

J-STD Class 3 Facility

DCA Manufacturing’s facility is specifically designed to yield a J-STD-001 Class 3 board, sub-assembly and system every time. From our stencils, to selective and surface mount automation, to our automated optical inspection, to final assembly, inspection and test, we are committed to quality. We have an onsite CIT trainer to provide on-going J-STD training and continuing education to our production team. This means our team is always current with industry standards and able to build, inspect and test to Class 3 standards.

  • J-Std-001 CIT (1 in-house trainer)
  • Products certified to be in compliance with J-Std-001 (industry standard for DOD) and IPC-A-610, or as contractually agreed.

RoHS Compliant

DCA Manufacturing offers fully turnkey RoHS Compliant material management and manufacturing programs. RoHS and lead-free are often utilized interchangeably, and here at DCA Manufacturing we are able to source RoHS and lead-free components from trusted and vetted vendors. This process ensures RoHS compliance for every board that leaves our production facility per the overall specifications and needs of your project to maintain RoHS compliance.


Documentation at DCA Manufacturing is equally robust. Your project is tracked from cradle to obsolescence. We utilize Exact Synergy software to manage workflow and document the who/where/what at each stage. Your product is managed through our facility using our iTrac/iView systems, which allow us to provide instant status and quality reports, and provide Level 4 traceability down to the component level.

Our systems are regularly calibrated, and where needed we are able to provide Level 5 traceability which can include temperature measurements made at the reflow oven, test results from AOI or ATE, whether a cleaning cycle had been performed on the screen printer and more. This produces a complete historical record associated with each circuit board as to how it was manufactured.

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