Electronics for Agriculture & Commodity Handling Systems

Agriculture electronics mfgReliability & Ruggedness for Agricultural Electronics Applications

DCA Manufacturing works with a variety of agriculture system manufacturers, providing electronic systems that are part of larger grain control systems, wind turbine systems, automated farm implements, and a variety of other electronic applications in the agriculture industry. Our PCB assembly services assure high quality, reliability and ruggedness for your next project.

Application Specific Design

A lot of work goes into making your device perform in the field in some of the harshest conditions – from automated farm implements to grain handling systems, DCA Manufacturing is your source for PCB’s and electronic assemblies to meet the needs of your next agriculture electronics project.

We offer a variety of services that ensure high quality and dependability from your product:

  • Conformal coating. We are able to utilize automated selective conformal coating or hand conformal coating to provide a protective layer to your device against moisture, dust, temperature extremes and chemical exposure. DCA Manufacturing utilizes IPC-A-610 and IPC-CC-830 standards for conformal coat application.
  • Box builds. We are able to take your electronics and enclose them in your custom made enclosures as part of our box build services. Our techs are skilled at testing, light programming, and installation of your PCB into your larger assembly. Our facility is able to handle most small and mid-size box build enclosures.


DCA Manufacturing tracks your project at every stage from cradle to obsolescence. We utilize Exact Synergy software to manage workflow and document the who/where/what at each stage. Your product is managed through our facility using our iTrac/iView systems, which allow us to provide instant status and quality reports, and provide Level 4 traceability down to the component level.

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