Commercial Applications

Electronic Manufacturing for Automation & Safety Systems

Commercial Industrial ElectronicsThe Flexibility to Meet Your Diverse Project Needs

Let DCA Manufacturing be your source for the electronics in your next industrial device. At DCA Manufacturing, we work with innovators of industry during the prototype & pre-production phases to help ensure products are designed for manufacturability, saving our innovative customer base thousands of dollars in the long run. We are able to handle production runs from prototype to full-scale production.

Sourcing Your Project

Innovating for a new or revised commercial application means sourcing dozens or even hundreds of electronic components from dozens of vendors. Our team of expert account managers excel at sourcing even the hardest to find products using our broad network of industry contacts and purchasing power with major vendors.

We Grow With You

From short run & fast turns to mid to high volume production, DCA Manufacturing can grow with you and your project.

We are able to handle extremely short run, fast turn customer-supplied inventory projects. We utilize a jet solder printing device, which allows us to eliminate days and the cost associated with ordering stencils. Customers who need of prototypes typically provide all necessary components (in minimum quantities so they can be loaded in the machine), and we can produce the prototype, often in a few days.

Our core service is mid-volume turnkey production of your electronic assembly. Using our surface mount and selective solder machines, we can produce dozens, hundreds or thousands of circuit boards for your next project. Our facility uses the latest automated inspection technology to ensure a high quality, reliable and consistent product.

RoHS Compliant

DCA Manufacturing offers fully turnkey RoHS Compliant material management and manufacturing programs. RoHS and lead-free are often utilized interchangeably, and here at DCA Manufacturing we are able to source RoHS and lead-free components from trusted and vetted vendors. This process ensures RoHS compliance for every board that leaves our production facility per the overall specifications and needs of your project to maintain RoHS compliance.


DCA Manufacturing tracks the status of your project from cradle to obsolescence. We utilize Exact Synergy software to manage workflow and document the who/where/what at each stage. Your product is managed through our facility using our iTrac/iView systems, which allow us to provide instant status and quality reports, and provide Level 4 traceability down to the component level.

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