Wisconsin Mfg of Year Winner

Wisconsin Circuit Board Company Receives WI Manufacturer of the Year Award

DCA Manufacturing Corporation, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards located in Cumberland, WI has been awarded the 1998 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award in the Grand Awards category. The Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award program began in 1988 and has an average of over fifty nominees each year.

The team at DCA Manufacturing is proud of the award and the accomplishments it has achieved since the company was founded in 1993 by founder Dennis C. Anney. Today, the company employs 34 people manufacturing circuit boards for customers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.

About the Manufacturer of the Year Award

The Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award is an annual recognition of  excellence in manufacturing.  Started in 1988, the progam has recognized many over 100 companies for their leadership in this industry. The award is co-sponsored by Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s largest industry trade association.

Any manufacturer with significant operations in the state is eligible. The majority of the nominations are self nominations, with others made by customers, vendors, colleagues or employees of the companies. Awards are presented in four size categories:

  • Mega = 800+ employees
  • Large = 300 to 799 employees
  • Medium = 100 to 299 employees
  • Small = 1 to 99 employees

In addition to these Grand Award winners, an Emerging Manufacturer award is presented to a company that has been in operation for less than five years.  The 1998 Emerging Manufacturer award is presented to DCA Manufacturing.

DCA Manufacturing, Cumberland (Emerging Manufacturer of the Year)

“Few startup companies embrace the entrepreneurial spirit reflected by DCA Manufacturing. The Cumberland electronic manufacturing services company was established in 1993 by an owner willing to dip into personal savings and IRA accounts to finance its start-up. Profitable since 1995, the firm posted overall sales of its high-tech components reaching $2.6 million in 1998.

Much of DCA Manufacturing’s success has been credited to its workforce culture. The 34 employees operate in a manufacturing atmosphere strengthened by self-directed teams, absent of traditional layers of management. Team leaders are selected by team members to coordinate communication between production and administrative teams. Flexible schedules allow employees to balance personal needs with work activities, and help contribute to an employee ownership that enhances workforce productivity, retention and recruitment.

Positioned in a dynamic growth market, DCA Manufacturing has invested $350,000 in new equipment over the past three years. This commitment to advancing technologies has allowed the company to continue expanding a customer base that outsources electronic assembly of products, including security and communication products, industrial controls, computers and medical devices. The employee ownership philosophy has generated a beneficial customer commitment attitude, and the company is in the process of implementing a Value Added Manufacturing program.

DCA Manufacturing has already developed a history of sharing its success with employees and the community. The workforce shares in the company’s growth through an innovative bonus plan that returns 10 percent of all company profits to the employees. The manufacturer has made several financial contributions to higher education institutions, donated equipment and services to disadvantaged area students, and works closely with an adult development center to offer opportunities to physically challenged workers.”