New Laser Marking System

An Alternative to Printed Labels

Keyence Laser MarkingDCA Manufacturing has added a Keyence CO2 Automatic Laser Marking System, ML-G9311F.

This laser marking system allows DCA Manufacturing to mark 2D codes (ex. Data Matrix, QR code) and various bar codes according to field needs (Code128, Code39, 2of5, ITF, JAN, and Codabad).

The ML-G series enables us to offer more precise bar code marking. It also enables fine adjustment of the bar code line on the target workplace, resulting in an increased reading rate.

Based on the data read from the 2D code, chip mounting/assembly processes and inspection of finished products can be performed more efficiently.

The ML-G9311F is a vertical marking unit with a Class 4 (wavelength: 0.413 Mil, 6 µm) marking laser and average output of 30W. The laser guide is a Class 2 (wavelength: 650 nm) and output of 1.0mW.

The device performs a number of functions, including: Thick line marking, skipped crossed line, common block setting, scan speed optimization, continuous marking, palette marking, sample marking, test marking, thumbnail registration, save in memory card, CSV file saving, automatic backup, laser power offset, font replacement, preset, logo editing, workpiece image display, TWAIN input, communication history display, terminal block monitor simulation.

For full device details, please see the technical guide for this device.