New Solder Jet Printer

Faster Setups, Less Waste

MY500 Solder Paste Jet PrinterDCA Manufacturing adds MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer.

By acquiring the MYDATA MY500 solder paste jet printer, one key bottleneck in the circuit board manufacturing process can be alleviated. With traditional stencil screening process, a stencil must be ordered from a machining company, usually taking 3-5 days. With a solder paste printer, a job can be programmed offline, and sent directly to the printer, producing circuit boards the same day.

Key Jet Printer Advantages

  • No more ordering, cleaning and storing of stencils
  • Complete traceability of ink through bar code scanned paste cartridge
  • Less waste of solder paste, especially on short runs
  • Extremely versatile for higher component density boards
  • A perfect match for high mix low volume production runs
  • On the spot and last minute revisions
  • Better handling of 3D electronics where components are placed in cavities on the printed circuit board
  • Optimal paste application for each joint, especially for new packages like QFN’s
  • No more dipping components in flux for package on package (POP) where components are stacked
  • Non contact technology means jet printing can be applied to previously screen printed boards

Common Screen Printing Issues Solved

Common Screen Printing Issues

Jet Printer Process

  1. The print program is sent from an offline source to the jet printer.
  2. The appropriate bar-coded solder paste cassette is loaded using “snap to machine” loading system. When loaded, automatic cassette calibration and temperature control ensures proper solder paste viscosity.
  3. The MYDATA Flowline system ensures automation of the entire assembly line once production begins.
  4. An operator hits the start button and printing begins.
  5. The print program automatically adjusts to the board stretch based on fiducials.
  6. Complete traceability through the entire process – barcode on solder paste cartridge and ID chip in cassette ensure the proper paste is applied within its due date.

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