Design for Test

Testing Services Ensure High Quality

Functional TestGuidance Making Your Device Test-Friendly.

An important part of electronic manufacturing services is the ability to test your device against acceptance criteria. At DCA Manufacturing, we have a full functional test and in-circuit test facility with experienced technicians to test your product.

Building and designing your product for test (DFT) means you are preparing your PCB for test capabilities at DCA Manufacturing. We are able to guide you in the design so it is test-friendly.

DFT Services

As you are designing your board so it can be tested, we are able to consult with you on things like:

  • Location of test points on single sided and double sided boards
  • Recommendation of minimum test point distance
  • Avoiding high densities of test points in one area
  • Designation of safe or keep out areas on the board
  • Use of standard commercial electronic modules
  • Creating test so each module can be tested independently
  • Accessibility to each address, data and bus line
  • Addressing feedback loops and/or de-controllable loops
  • Recommendations on bed of nails testing devices, in-circuit testers and other test fixtures

Standards & Guidelines

Our team uses and is certified in IPC standards and guidelines, including IPC-A-610 J-Std 001, to outline workmanship criteria for your project. These guidelines are used as best practice outlines for:

  • Component Orientation and Soldering Criteria for through-hole
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) setup procedures
  • Discrete Wiring Assemblies
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Cleaning, marking, coating and laminate requirements
  • Lead-free Guidelines

Quality Systems

Our manufacturing engineers are experienced with quality systems, and can provide quality performance data for continuous process improvement. At DCA Manufacturing, every project is tracked to Level 4 traceability, which means we can help you improve the quality of every assembly leaving our facility.

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