Inspection and Test

Functional & In-Circuit Testing

Functional TestFull Testing & Programming Services.

Streamline the production of your product by utilizing testing & programing services from DCA Manufacturing.

Testing your device on a test fixture guarantees high reliability of every device we ship.  Our technicians are trained on a wide variety of test fixtures like bed of nails and in-circuit test, and can handle initial programming of your device.

Functional Test & Programming Services

Functional test provides a final pass/fail prior to shipping your device. The functional test verifies the PCB’s behavior and functionality. In many cases, customers provide test stations or programs for DCA Manufacturing techs to provide a hot mock up.  Customers that have their devices  programmed and/or tested by DCA Manufacturing can be assure extremely high quality rates of >99%.

In-Circuit Test Programming Services

Services include:

  • Test program development and fixture design from CAD, Gerber or Manual data
  • Design for testability and CAD analysis
  • CAD file translation
  • Pattern development for PLD, PFGA & VLSI devices
  • Library model development
  • Boundary Scan test development
  • FLASH, E2PROM and ISP/ISC programming support using ICT and Boundary Scan
  • Combining various methods such as In-Circuit, Functional and JTAG to offer comprehensive and cost-effective test
  • Detailed test coverage report using automated documentation and reporting software

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Platforms

In-Circuit platforms:

  • Agilent HP3070
  • Scorpion In-Circuit and MDA Systems
  • Scorpion In-Line (ILS1000/2000)
  • Teradyne 1880
  • Teradyne (GenRad GR228X and TestStation)
  • Teradyne S885X
  • Teradyne Z18XX

Flying Probe platforms:

  • Acculogic SPRINT4510
  • Flying Scorpion 900/810/850D
  • Teradyne Javelin 1004

Design for Testability

DCA Manufacturing works with you as a customer to ensure your test specifications and performance standards are weighted against the costs of test and benefits of reduced field failures and customer down times.

Fixture Design & Fabrications Services

An integral part of the board test is the test fixture. DCA Manufacturing consistently delivers state of the art solutions for the most complex board/tester interface problems. Our experienced team can design and fab a number of fixtures, including:

  • Wireless fixtures
  • Probing small targets (as low as 18 mils/0.47 mm)
  • Socket-less fixturing (down to 39 mil/1 mm centers)
  • A wide range of fixtures in various sizes, styles and configurations
  • Dual-well, double sided access and multi-stage fixtures
  • Pneumatic fixtures
  • Custom test fixture design for unique applications
  • Test fixture adapters for automated board handling systems
  • Board-less fixture design and built
  • Finite elements and strain gauge analysis
  • Verified zero defect fixtures
  • Full fixture documentation


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