Kanban – JIT

Customized Delivery Scheduling Options

Kanban JIT systemsFinished Goods When You Need Them.

You want to minimize finished good inventory at your facility to manage your cash-cash cycle, to reduce storage square footage, or to eliminate opportunities for loss at your facility.

DCA Manufacturing offers a kanban solution for your electronic assembly which allows you to schedule your deliveries in a Just-In-Time (JIT) way to meet your company’s needs.

Kanban & Electronics

Toyota initially created the kanban system during their continuous improvement. The system was designed so that as product was consumed, a card was generated that created the demand for more production at the front of the line. This pull system means production is determined according to the actual demand of the customer.

Kanban systems (using e-kanban cards) are excellent scheduling tools for electronics companies with fairly predictable customer usage patterns. Where demand is more irregular, DCA Manufacturing will work with you to determine the appropriate stocking levels of finished goods at the DCA Manufacturing facility.

The Six Rules of Kanban*

  • Do not send defective products to the subsequent process
  • The subsequent process comes to withdraw only what is needed
  • Produce only the exact quantity withdrawn by the subsequent process
  • Level the production
  • Kanban is a means of fine tuning
  • Stabilize and rationalize the process

Companies that want to full control and accountability for every component in the assembly. Keep in mind, every component that comes to the DCA Manufacturing facility should be “manufacturing-ready”, which means on reels, in tubes, or on trays. We now offer a reeling service for loose parts so they can be assembled in our automated facility.

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