Labor Only

Customer Supplied Components & Hybrid Programs

Labor Only EMSTalented & Trained Electronic Workforce

You want full control of the sourcing of your components and need access to an IPC-certified workforce for your PCB assembly project. DCA Manufacturing’s labor only and consignment programs could be a perfect fit for you next electronic assembly project.

Labor Only Programs At a Glance

Our team will take your inventory and prepare it for production by assigning every lot of components, your boards, and all leads/harnesses a DCA Manufacturing part number so your project can be tracked through its production. Every program is unique, but most of our labor-only programs contain the following services:

  • Assembly of the printed circuit board
  • Addition of leads, harnesses, wires and other hand soldering
  • Functional / In-Circuit Testing of your device
  • Initial Programming
  • Box Builds and Integration
  • Shipping
  • After Market Service & Warranty Support

Who Labor Only is For

Companies that want to full control and accountability for every component in the assembly. Keep in mind, every component that comes to the DCA Manufacturing facility should be “manufacturing-ready”, which means on reels, in tubes, or on trays. We now offer a reeling service for loose parts so they can be assembled in our automated facility.

Consignment / Labor Only Options

  • Consignment: You provide the material needed for a specific project by shipping it to our facility, we complete the assembly and deliver completed products.
  • Stocking Consignment:  You buy material and have us stock it at the DCA Manufacturing facility. We then manage your inventory like our own, alerting you when it needs to be replenished.
  • Combination / Hybrid: You provide some of the material (a board, or some of the components), we then manage your program like a turnkey program subtracting the cost of the customer-supplied materials.

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