About Us


Since its inception, DCA Manufacturing has engaged solely in the manufacture of custom electronic and electromechanical assemblies with a focus on customer relationships, quality service and products, and being easy to do business with. 

  • 1993  DCA Manufacturing was founded in November 1993 in Cumberland, Wisconsin by Dennis C. Aney. Dennis worked for a major regional electronics company prior to founding DCA Manufacturing in downtown Cumberland, Wisconsin (the “Island City”) in a former cheese production facility.     
  • 1996  The manufacturing facility was relocated to the Cumberland Industrial Park to facilitate the rapid expansion of the company. With assistance from the local business development association, DCA Manufacturing was able to build an 8,800 square foot facility to house modern automated electronic manufacturing equipment.     
  • 2001  In January 2001, Dennis retired and sold ownership of the business to three employees, Bruce Oberg, Carl Proescholdt and Julie Schnacky. Bruce retired in 2005, and co-owners Carl retired in 2017 and Julie retired in 2018.     
  • 2012  In November 2012, DCA Manufacturing broke ground on a major 14,000 square foot expansion to be completed in September of 2013. The expansion will allow for streamlining and leaning of the manufacturing facility. The expansion will create the room needed for additional equipment, including a laser etching machine, inline precision conformal coating machine, a solder jet printer, and a completely modern inventory management system.     
  • 2014  DCA Manufacturing became ISO 9001:2008 certified, and was also awarded two Circuits Assembly Magazine Service Excellence Awards as the winner for Quality and the winner for Value. 
  • 2015  DCA Manufacturing obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification, and was awarded the Highest Overall Customer Rating by Circuits Assembly Magazine Service Excellence Awards.   
  • 2016  DCA Manufacturing was purchased by James and Rochelle Beard November of 2016. James has over 30 years experience in Contract Manufacturing. He served as General Manager under the previous and now retired owners. Rochelle has a finance and marketing background.     
  • Today, “DCA” stands for Dedicated Circuit Assembly, and speaks to the unique approach we take to each of our customer’s electronic manufacturing needs. In an industry where quality and competitive pricing are table stakes, DCA Manufacturing differentiates itself with an unwavering commitment to customer relationships through our team of dedicated account managers, engineers, sales and operations teams. Our employees average 8 years of service with DCA Manufacturing, though we have several employees with 25 years of service who joined the company in 1993.